Anxiety, Physiology & the Gut-Brain Axis: How does it all connect?

A look into the physiology and manifestations of stress responses in animals including the role of the ‘Gut-Brain Axis’. Dr Gonçalo dives into the effects of stress and anxiety at a cellular level and widens the scope to whole-body impact. He also includes how anxiolytic probiotics such as Calming Care can play a greater role in holistic treatment plans. Great insights into the human perspective of animal anxiety and a very practical approach for treating this complex condition in our pets.

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Dr Gonçalo da Graça Pereira


Gonçalo da Graça Pereira is one of Europe’s most respected veterinary behaviour specialists. After studying veterinary science at Lisbon University, he undertook a master’s in clinical ethology in Madrid and a PhD in veterinary science in Portugal. As a Diplomate of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine in both subspecialties, he understands the links between physical and mental wellbeing in animals. In addition to working in referral behaviour practice, Gonçaro is Director of the Centre for Animal Knowledge and Professor of Animal Welfare, Behaviour and Training in Escola Superior Agraria de Elvas from Instituto Politecnico de Portalegre. In addition, he is a founder and past-president of PsiAnimal – the Portuguese Association of Behavioural Therapy and Animal Welfare, President of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine and Vice-President of the European Society of Veterinary Clinical Ethology. He is an engaging speaker with a wealth of practical experience.