Why Nutrition?

Understanding FLUTD:

  • FIC and Urolithiasis as the top two causes in cats
  • Nutritional principles that help with FIC
  • Nutritional principles that help with Urolithiasis
  • Hematuria Detection product introduction

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Dr Mina Hamilton

Dr Mina Hamilton graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2011 and spent four years in small animal practice in Melbourne. In that time, Dr Mina completed her Masters in Veterinary Studies through Murdoch University, successfully implemented a behaviour consulting service to help manage pets with anxiety disorders, and ran the veterinary student placement program for the practice.

Dr. Mina joined Royal Canin 6 years ago with the view to develop skills outside of clinical work, and since joining, has worked across three roles – her most recent being leading the team of veterinarians for the Royal Canin ANZ business. Mina has a passion for nutrition and the genuine impact it can make to a pet's day to day health, as well as its important role nutrition plays in helping to manage health conditions in pets.

Outside of her veterinary life, Mina is a qualified personal trainer and human nutrition coach. She resides in Brisbane with her partner (who is also a veterinarian and veterinary business owner) and they share their home with two Burmese cats, Andre and Louis, and their one eyed, 17 year old Terrier, Phil.