Björn Becker

Björn Becker was born on 15 May 1972 in the nice surrounding of North Rhine Westfalia close to the Dutch border and Lower Saxonia. His father ran an intensive large animal practice together with his Mum but - other than expected - he started his career as a marketing and sales consultant and founded an advertising agency in 1996 which still exists today. While running the agency, he qualified as a desktop publishing designer and as a social media and content consultant.

At the end of 2002 he started to study veterinary medicine as there was still the inner drive to take over his Dad's life work and modify the practice for the next generation. After graduation, he started in his Dad's practice, got qualified as a veterinarian chiropractor and dry needling instructor and finally took over the practice in 2014. He opened a second branch 30 km north of the first one, which main business is the small animal medicine. The core business of both practices is to be a general practitioner but with specialised employees and on high level and with the use of actual technologies. 

In 2019 he began to write his doctoral thesis about Telemedicine in Germany and at the beginning of 2020 Björn started to modify his own practice to fit the needs of the changing world. Inventing and promoting telemedicine in Germany, he is always looking for innovative digital opportunities. As the LeadVet of a telemedicine company for the German market, he is now in the position to form telemedicine and bring digitalisation into veterinarian practices.

He is also a well known speaker for Telemedicine, Digital Transformation and Social Media in veterinary practices and is university lecturer for the HNU Neu Ulm for the topic digital competences. He is also a father of 4 kids, a passionate sailor and his brain is always full of new ideas.


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Speaker: Björn Becker

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