Brian M. Zanghi


Dr. Brian Zanghi joined Purina in 2005, where he currently serves as a senior research nutritionist in the Molecular Nutrition Group at the Nestlé Research Center in St. Louis, Missouri. He earned a doctorate degree in canine nutritional physiology from the University of Kentucky in Lexington in 2004. He continued his training at the University of Kentucky as a postdoctoral research scientist working on nutrient metabolism in aging animals. Dr. Zanghi has been studying canine and feline nutrition in the areas of body composition, sleep, cognition, behaviour, and hydration to better understand how nutrition can help maintain overall health in adult and older pets, as well as the role nutrition plays in optimizing performance of active dogs. Dr. Zanghi has written several peer reviewed publications in the areas of adult and senior dogs’ locomotor activity patterns, sleep rhythms, body composition, exercise, and cognition.


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Speaker: Brian Zanghi