Dan Tipney

Head of Evidence and Insights at VetLed

Dan provides an array of insights into human performance gained from his perspective across numerous disciplines. Formally as an international athlete and sports coach, pilot instructor, airline pilot and currently as a Human Factors trainer. Dan led the Human Factors training programme at a major UK airline and has since developed/delivered non-clinical training and in-practice support to both Veterinary and Healthcare professionals. He represented Great Britain both as an athlete and a coach and has a great passion for supporting teams so that they can consistently achieve their goals. Across all fields Dan has consistently observed positive change as a result of non-technical factors including leadership, communication, wellbeing and systemic support tools. Underpinning much of his work is the study of human behaviour and the associated impact of workplace environment and culture. At VetLed, Dan collaborates with experts from veterinary medicine, aviation, psychology and healthcare training with the mission to enhance performance in practice through the reliable delivery of clinical skills.


Human factors in the Veterinary Clinic, how to drive continuous improvement without blame

Speaker: Dan Tipney