Taylor Miller


Taylor Miller is a veterinarian, a Professional Counselor Associate, and a Board Member and Expert Speaker for Not One More Vet (NOMV). She hopes education in wellness topics and normalizing conversation around mental health will allow veterinary professionals to manage the challenges of their demanding careers and preserve the joy and passion that drew them into the field

Taylor's interest in mental health began during vet school and culminated in the pursuit of a Masters in Mental Health Counseling during her years as an associate veterinarian in general practice. After nine years exclusively in the veterinary world, she has restructured her time to focus on her involvement with NOMV and her private counseling practice Thoughtful Life Counseling. She also produces a podcast, Veterinary Mental Health, which combines her insider knowledge of the veterinary field with insight gained from her mental health education to address the most pressing issues for veterinary professionals.


Overcoming Overwhelm

Speaker: Taylor Miller

Personality Traps: Perfectionism, People Pleasing & the Imposter Phenomenon

Speaker: Taylor Miller